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Residential Service
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Cosmo Wireless Residential Internet Service

Speed/Bandwidth – Cosmo’s current bandwidth capacity is 7.5 mbs. At 7.5 mbs, Cosmo’s service is faster than dial-up, ISDN, and basic DSL combined. Cosmo’s wireless network is designed to provide bandwidth up to 14 mbs. Although, Cosmo Wireless is not currently utilizing all this capacity (7.5 of 14 mbs), we have additional capacity for future growth and additional speed.  

E-mail Accounts — Receive two e-mail accounts with your plan. Your e-mail size and mail box size are veritually unlimited. Large attachments are no problem. Setup as many mail box folders as you like. Automatically direct e-mail to the folder of your choice. Additional e-mail accounts are available if needed.

Spam Filtering Cosmo’s e-mail has a spam filter to help limit the number of junk e-mails you receive.

Virus Detection — Cosmo’s e-mail scans all e-mail for viruses and other threats.

Web Based Mail — When you are away from home, check and send your mail anywhere there is internet access. Cosmo’s web based mail is accessible over the internet at www.cosmowireless.net.  Import or export personal contacts from/to Outlook and other e-mail programs.  

Web Based Calendar – Setup your appointments and special events. Check or update your calendar/schedule anywhere there is internet access. Cosmo’s web based calendar is accessible over the internet at www.cosmowireless.net.

Local Technical Support — Residential plans include technical support for Cosmo Wireless Internet Service. Local technicians are available 7 days per week.

Call or e-mail us today to get connected

Main Office: 866.975.8881



Hot Tip
Sign-up for "Auto Draft" today to save time and money.

With Auto Draft your bill is automatically deducted from your checking account each month. (No more checks, envelopes or stamps).

Simply contact us to get setup for this free service. We will complete the paper work for you.


Cosmo Wireless LLC is pleased to announce completion of a new toll free telephone system to improve customer service.

Now you can call one toll free number (866-975-8881) for technical support, sales or accounting and billing questions.  All calls will be logged into the system for improved customer service and response times.




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